Here are some of my academic and non-academic publications:


Painting Myanmar’s Transition (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2021) (with Ian Holliday)

Academic publications

“Two Concepts of Federalism in Myanmar: How the 2021 Military Coup Reshaped Political Discourse and Opposition Institutions,” (with Roman David, & Ian Holliday) 2022, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, pjac041.

“Can regime change improve ethnic relations? Perception of ethnic minorities after the 2021 coup in Myanmar” (with Roman David, & Ian Holliday), Japanese Journal of Political Science, 23(2), 89–104.

“‘Myanmar’s Side of the Story‘: A Compound of State Manipulation of Legislation and the Usage of Fake News as a Tool of Propaganda” (with Winnie Thaw) in Chun, R., Drucker, S. J.(eds.), Fake News: Real Issues in Modern Communication , Peter Lang

Commentaries and analysis

Sit-tat or tatmadaw? Debates on what to call the most powerful institution in Burma Tea Circle

The machine that went rogue: Learning from Myanmar’s unsuccessful ‘Third Force’ movement Himal Southasian

Investigation: A network of pro-military Facebook pages in Myanmar with Russian connections Annie lab

Military Rule May Be Over, But Myanmar’s Film Industry Remains in a Tawdry Time Warp TIME Magazine

How Myanmar’s meme culture is opening young minds Coconuts Yangon

Burmese don’t have last names. Here is why Medium